What is an Emergency Survival Kit?

It is summertime and therefore it is time for families and friends to spend much time outdoor in the warm sunshine. It is time to enjoy an outdoor barbeque or two and, of course, many water lovers will go to swimming at the beach or swimming pool. In addition to water activities of all kinds and barbeques galore, many outdoor lovers will go camping and hiking. If people do go exploring outdoors then, they might need an emergency survival kit. Therefore, it is very important that everyone knows what is in an emergency survival kit.

Survival Emergency Kit

It is summertime and therefore it is time for people to enjoy the great outdoors by going swimming at a beach or at a lake or swimming pool. Other people will enjoy the great outdoors this summer by barbequing outdoors every weekend or by going camping from time to time. In addition, after summer comes the seasons of fall and winter and during both those seasons’ people also like to spend time outdoors.

Survival Emergency Kit Bag

This is especially true in winter when people like to ski, snowboard, and ice skate. In short, the four seasons are a time to explore and have exciting outdoor adventures. However, if people are going to go explore the outdoors via barbequing, camping, hiking, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, or any other outdoor activity the, it is very important that they are aware of what is an emergency survival kit and what is in a good emergency survival kit.

A survival kit is a package of basic tools and supplies prepared in advance as an aid to people’s survival in an emergency situation. Did you know that military aircraft, lifeboats, and spacecraft have survival kits? In addition, civilians such as forestry workers, surveyors, and bush pilots who work in remote locations or work in regions with extreme climate conditions may also have an emergency survival kit. Did you also know that disaster supply kits are also kept on hand by those people who live in areas prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters such as California and Illinois?

Survival Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency survival kits contain both supplies and tools that provide people with basic shelter against the elements and keep warm, provide for their first aid needs, provide them with food and water, signal to rescuers, and assist them in finding their way back to help. The supplies in a survival kit should contain a knife, preferably a Swiss army knife or a multi use tool, matches, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, bandana, fish hooks, sewing kit, and a flashlight with batteries.

Survival Kit Knife

Many first aid kit items can and do have many improvised items in a survival situation such as alcohol pads and petroleum jelly based ointments can be used as a fire starting aid in emergency situations. In addition, did you know that both adhesive tape and bandages for repairs. These alternative uses can be an important consideration when picking items when choosing items for an emergency survival kit that may be used in a wilderness or survival situations. Another interesting fact is that emergency responders today use a more advanced medical kit called a trauma bag that contain greater quantities and better quality first aid supplies. Did you also know that commercially available emergency survival kits available in North American and Europe are identified by a red cross or a green cross? Remember to have an emergency survival kit handy at all times.



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