There’s More Than One OSHA First Aid Kit

An employer should not feel satisfied with knowing that he or she has purchased an OSHA first aid kit. The employer should strive to acquaint employees with both the location of that kit and the contents of that kit. Most employees do not want to attend a long, boring seminar on the company’s first aid kit. How then should an employer encourage employee interest in that same kit? One biomedical facility in Los Angeles County initiated a competition about safety issues. The employees got a weekly question that related to a safety concern. The department that could answer the most questions won that cleverly designed competition.

OSHA First Aid Kit

The Kits recommended by OSHA offer employees greater insurance of on-the-job safety. Because each job has a unique set of potential hazards, OSHA has created first aid kits that can help injured workers in any one of the various job categories. This article offer details regarding how a particular OSHA first aid kit can assist the workers in each of five different job categories.

On Sunday, June 1, 2008, news reports contained information about a fire at the Universal Studios in Los Angeles County. The men and women who responded to the emergency created by that fire must have had at least two different OSHA first aid kits. The firefighters certainly had this particular OSHA first aid kit—the Burn Care Kit. That Kit contains relief gels and creams, plus aerosols and pump sprays. In addition, that Kit gives firefighters a vital supply of burn dressings and burn blankets.

The Burn Kit contains a wealth of items that are of use to those who must deal with a large number of burn victims. First responders sometimes need to treat burn victims, and sometimes they must administer to patients with other types of injuries. That is why first responders rely heavily on yet another OSHA first aid kit—the First Responder kit.

Items that can help with the treatment of burns can be found in the First Responder kit. That same kit also contains items that facilitate delivery of first aid to those with fractures or other serious injuries. The First Responder kit provides those who use it with a ready supply of butterfly wound closures, fingertip plastic bandages, instant cold compresses, hot/cold compresses, soap towelettes, aspirin and ibuprofen tablets, decongestant and antiseptic spray.

The first responder kit also contains items that OSHA has chosen to pack into the Industrial Kit. Items found in both kits include the following: eye wash, burn cream, scissors, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, insect sting pads and exam gloves. The Industrial Kit provides the factory owner with tools that allow the factory owner to back-up assurance of concern for worker safety with a true readiness to handle any foreseeable accident.

Sometimes vacationers depend unknowingly on the presence of yet another OSHA first aid kit – The Pool Kit. The Pool Kit contains elbow and knee plastic bandages. It also contains a CPR one-way valve face shield. When making the Pool Kit, OSHA officials recognized the special hazards created when people let down there guard, while also flocking to an cement area, an area that surrounds some rather deep water.

A wise restaurant owner makes a point of purchasing an OSHA first aid kit that has been equipped with first aid items of value to those who might display symptoms of choking.