Five Ways to Be Intimate After Abdominal Surgery

Surgery and intimacy

After having a hysterectomy or a c-section, the doctor gives the prescription for no sex for 6 weeks! That’s right, 6 whole… long… weeks. Well, let’s face it ladies. Our partners will probably not be too thrilled having to pleasure only themselves. Can’t you hear them now: “What about my needs!?”

Ok, so what about their needs? And for that matter, your needs? No penetration for six weeks doesn’t mean you can’t tease and please during recovery. Take this time to get to know each other a little more or remind one another why you were attracted to them in the first place. These 5 ways of intimacy after surgery may just keep your partner’s hands from breaking out with blisters. Week one is for rest but week 2… well, take a look below:

Week 2: The first week has passed but lying in bed watching TV is all you can really do. Invite your partner to watch a few recorded episodes of your favorite show back to back. But instead of fast forwarding through the commercials, be a little playful. Run your fingers through his hair. Lie on his shoulder. And as the program goes on, each commercial break can lead to longer make-out sessions.

Week 3: Your turn to roll the dice. Or spin the spinner. Whatever game you choose to play, sexually-related board games are one way to get intimate again and have a laugh or two without hurting anyone’s feelings. No sore losers here. In case of any problems with getting an erection (if you want to play for real), you can also consider taking ED treatments that you can find here.

Week 4: Any naughty home videos available? Turn on your private porno collection and “reenact” that special moment to the best of your ability. Remember, dry humping can be a turn on too.

Sex life after hospital

Week 5: Open wide! Your mouth, that is. You can certainly sit-up for longer periods of time now and what better way to show how well you’re recovering than by offering your “services”. And this little show of love can be offered anywhere in the house or out of the house for you adventurous ones. Feel free to interrupt his video game.

Week 6: Oh, how good it felt to be touched? And licked? And massaged? Well, start the count down to full-time lovin’ with a blind-folded body rub. Heighten your senses and remember what it feels like to truly trust your partner. Make sure the ceiling fan is on. It’s sure to get hot!

Remember, only you know what your body is capable of doing after surgery. Just don’t let your feelings of unattractiveness deter you. Your partner is really the one to judge. Let him love on you and return the favor as soon as you can. Stick to what makes you feel comfortable and this six week healing process will fly by. Once you’re recovered, hit the sheets to let the good times roll!