First Aid Tips For Kids

The writer of the following article did hear any first aid tips for kids while she was growing up. Still, she happened to have parents who knew how to swim, and who taught her to swim at an early age. In fact, her parents later helped the writer to improve her swimming skills and to learn the basic life saving techniques, techniques that can save lives when children play in and around water. Both the writer and her husband made certain that their sons joined the growing group of California children who can say with pride that they know how to swim.

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In California, members of the Red Cross have long made clear their interest in sharing various first aid tips for kids. For ten years now, the Red Cross in southern California has partnered with different forms of media in the region. Those partnerships have sought to remove California from its number one spot among the areas with the most swimming pool injuries and related deaths.

Southern Californians who watch any of the programs on Channel 7 have no doubt seen ads about the “ABC’s of a Safe Summer.” For ten years now, Channel 7 has focused on certain first aid tips for kids during the summer months. Using TV spots, the Red Cross has been able to educate children about the importance of learning how to swim.

The importance of that message is so great, that a number of local groups have joined the effort to spread that message. The L.A. Department of Parks and Recreation, together with the Department of Water and Power, has added its voice to the voices coming from the Red Cross and from Channel 7. Those combined voices have acquainted parents and care givers with valuable first aid tips for kids.

The Red Cross knows that any group of first aid tips for kids should include rules for good conduct in and around a swimming pool Children need to understand the reason that a private pool must remain off-limits to the lone child swimmer. Meanwhile, children can benefit from learning CPR techniques.

The Red Cross of southern California has sponsored a series of fun events, events that focused on the need for CPR training. The children who attended those events also learned about water safety and about disaster preparedness. They no doubt left the event thinking that they had enjoyed some new water games. In fact, they had received a lesson on first aid tips for kids.

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The Red Cross has encouraged a growing interest in the safety of California’s children. Some have tried to take lessons on safety into the classroom. Others have developed LA’s school Readiness Initiative (SRI). The SRI programs take the safety message to children who have not yet entered the school system.

SRI offers services that match with the linguistic and cultural needs of the area in which the children live. SRI has designed materials that the young children can relate to. Not every child in L.A. has a chance to visit the beach, or a chance to swim in a private pool.

The materials distributed through the SRI have helped children to become more sensitive to the needs of children who have disabilities. The SRI materials have brought information about child safety to a wide spectrum of children, including children with unique and special needs.


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