Could A Hat Hold A Scout First Aid Kit?

Once a year the residents of Los Angeles County have a chance to see on display a unique interpretation of the phrase “Scout first aid kit.” Once a year, at the Relay for Cancer in one Los Angeles community, a group of Girl Scouts displays some special hats. Each of those hats is filled with various health care aids. The Girl Scouts realize that those participating in that relay race appreciate the value that a cancer patient can place on a hat. The Scouts thus display their creations at a site where their filled hats can encourage the contribution of more soft, brimmed hats.

Scout First Aid Kit

The typical Scout First Aid Kit contains the sort of items that one might need while on a camping or hiking trip. A typical Scout First Aid Kit has some sort of ointment for the treatment of insect bites. It also contains a good burn cream, in case a camper gets burned while building a camp fire. In addition, a Scout First Aid Kit normally provides those who carry that Kit with a ready supply of bandages.

One would have difficulty finding any of the Scout First Aid Kits in containers that are shaped like a hat. Why then does the writer of this article suggest that a scout might want to put a first aid kit inside of a hat? The writer of this article has learned about, and has written a news article about, a different sort of scout first aid kit.

The Girl Scout or Boy Scout who becomes injured while on a camping trip needs a first aid kit. When not camping, Scouts are often occupied with offering aid to others. Some Girl Scouts in Los Angeles County have chosen to pack their supply of health care aids into various hats. They have then taken those hats to medical facilities that house cancer patients.

Cancer patients, at least those who are undergoing chemotherapy have long had a need for hats. Some cancer patients have used scarves to cover their bald heads. In some cities, where gang members also wear scarves, a number of school administrators now frown on the wearing of scarves. In such school districts, young cancer patients ought to have access to one or more stylish hats.

Realizing that fact, one group of Girl Scouts made a point of collecting hats. After they had accumulated hundreds of hats, they decided to fill those hats with items that cancer patients could use. They packed the hats with toothpaste, mouth wash, body lotion, bath soaps and bath oil. They then wrapped the filled hats in colorful cellophane tape.

For more than six years, those Scouts have been making and distributing their hats. The patients who have received those hats have enjoyed a new sort of “first aid.” It is not first aid for a physical injury, but it is aid that can improve the psyche of a cancer patient.

The Scouts do not call their creations “Kits.” Still, each hat has become a package of psychological and health aids. Each filled hat has come into being because a group of Girl Scouts worked hard, in order to make it a package worthy of presentation to a cancer patient. For that reason each and every one of those hats really deserves to be descrbided as a Scout first aid kit.