Basic First Aid Tips – Things Everyone Should Know

Everyone should know some basic first aid tips. One never knows when the need will arise where someone is injured, hurt or unconscious. For severe injuries, the first few minutes can be crucial that one knows what to do to assist the person until medical help can arrive. For the minor injuries that happen, knowing basic first aid will help remedy the situation and prevent further problems from arising.

Basic First Aid Tips

The first thing that everyone needs to do when faced with a major situation that requires basic first aid tips is to make sure that the victim is safe, that those who are trying to help the victim are safe as well. So getting out of immediate danger has to be the first step one takes. Next one needs to determine if the victim is awake or conscious and breathing. If they are not conscious or breathing, then it is important to get medical help on the phone. In the meantime one can make sure that there is nothing in their mouth that would restrict airflow. It may be necessary to administer CPR if one has been trained or knows how to do this. If not, medical personnel on the phone can walk someone through it. Check for any external bleeding. If there is bleeding it needs to be stopped by using direct pressure. Using gauze or terry cloth can be helpful in stopping the bleeding, but do not remove the coverings just hold it in place until medical help arrives.

Burns are another area that will need one to know some basic first aid tips. A burn needs to be stopped from burning as quickly as possible. Generally this can be done by placing the affected area under running water for five minutes. Do not put oil or butter on a burn as it stops it from being able to breathe. Medical help should be obtained if the burn is severe or is a chemical burn. Burn victims must be watched carefully for signs of shock.

For minor injuries there are basic first aid tips that one should know. The first is to have a well stocked first aid kit. For scrapes and cuts it is important to make sure the affected area is free of debris by holding it under running water. It may be necessary to use soap, which will sting but clean the wound well. It is not necessary to cover the scrape or cut unless it will come into contact with clothing. Antibiotic ointment can be applied, but is not necessary.