Possible Adaptation for Discount Lab Coats

The following words about the possible adaptation for discount lab coats had their origin in the imagination and skills of a Pennsylvania mother. Forty years ago, one mother wanted to provide her daughter with some way to protect her clothes while in her art class. That mother took an old shirt that her husband no longer wore. She created “pockets” using the shirt ends and a pair of large buttons. Then she embroidered the design for a palette and paint brushes onto the breast pocket of the old shirt. The daughter saved that shirt and used it when she was teaching a Baha’i children’s class.

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An online store that sells discount lab coats offers far more than the standard white coat with large pockets, button holes and buttons. That virtual storefront carries discount lab coats for medical professionals, for chemists, for dentists, and even lab coats for kids. Moreover, not all of those lab coats have been made from the standard cotton material. Some of those discount lab coats have been fashioned from fire resistant material. Other lab coats sold at a discounted price carry a ticket that says something like “wear only once.” They are disposable lab coats.

Another type of lab coat sold from such a virtual store front suggests a possible adaptation for discount lab coats. That additional type of lab coat is the embroidered lab coat. Given the right type of embroidery, a kids’ lab coat could find multiple uses. Suppose, for instance that a child has elected to participate in an after school ceramics class. Suppose too that the child’s mother has expressed concerned about how the child might damage his or her clothing while handling the various materials available to students in that ceramics class. Suppose that the mother would like the child to wear some sort of protective cover.

Children usually like to look stylish. Few children want to cover a great-looking outfit with a less than stylish form of protection. Suppose though that a protective cover could be made to look “special.” Would that not encourage a child to don that particular form of protection?

Well, by using embroidery on a kids’ lab coat, a parent can make a coat that appears quite unique. The parent might look for drawings that match with items that are apt to be in the child’s hand. If, for example, a child intends to do some painting, then the parent might look for a drawing of a palette and paint brushes. Such a design could be embroidered onto a kids’ lab coat.

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A parent could use the same idea, if a son or daughter were to sign-up for an after school science class. Children can get a bit careless while doing simple science experiments. While those careless children would probably not cause an explosion, they might get their clothes dirty. Yet a child might agree to wear a kids’ lab coat that had an appropriate symbol embroidered onto a pocket.

Most parents would not want to buy an expensive lab coat, and then embroider some sort of design on that lab coat. Such a coat would probably get only limited use. The parent would therefore have reason to consider buying a lab coat that has been offered at a discounted price. Of course, a parent who is also active in a civic or faith-based organization might well find additional uses for such a coat. Such a coat could be used to protect those helping with some sort of “project.” Such a project, a project sponsored by a government, cultural or religious organization, could well ask that a child or teenager have his or her hands on rather “messy” materials.